Stuart Bacon

Stuart Bacon

Head of Southend Office

About Stuart

DD: 01702 411 133
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After 13 years undertaking a broad range of mostly claimant personal injury cases, Stuart joined BC Legal’s disease team in June 2015.

Stuart is currently running a litigated caseload including cumulative back, cumulative knee, WRULD, NIHL, HAVS and occupational asthma claims. Stuart has also handled cases involving some of the more unusual diseases such as Legionnaire's disease, UVC exposure and leptospirosis

Stuart is part of BC’s dedicated team of short tail handlers and a specialist in complex upper limb and back injury claims, handling several matters from our client’s larger insureds.

In addition to his regular caseload, Stuart is running an increasing number of procedural strike out applications involving complex CPR issues and matters which have a wider effect on the insurance market. Stuart routinely undertakes advocacy in such cases to ensure a cost-effective service for our clients. Stuart provides clients with updates and training on procedural issues and is always available on the phone to discuss such matters with our clients.