Lee Vowles

Lee Vowles

Litigation Executive (Ipswich)

About Lee

DD: 01473 351 693
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Prior to joining BC Legal, Lee supervised a small team of paralegals conducting fast track EL/PL/RTA claims at international insurance practice Kennedys LLP. He was responsible for day to day queries, performance reports, reporting to senior management and client relationship management. Lee was actively involved in the preparing of MI reports concerning case shelf life, success/failure reports and team performance.

Since joining BC Legal Lee has specialised in NIHL and HAVS claims. Over the last year he has had 30 withdrawn claims, one litigated discontinuance and a trial win in the case of Matthews v Lloyds Animal Feeds which featured in the 15th edition of BC News. Lee has also developed an interest in the discrete area of claims for bird fancier's lung.