Lee Vowles

Lee Vowles

Litigation Executive 

About Lee

DD: 01473 351 693
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Lee has been at BC Legal for nine years and has developed a wealth of experience in handling fast-track and multi-track disease claims. Whilst specialising predominantly in noise-induced hearing loss claims, he also has experience with HAVS/VWF, WRULD, dermatitis, and the discrete area of claims for bird fancier's lung.

He has overseen a number of successes at trial (most notably in the case of Matthews v Lloyds Animal Feeds, which featured in the 15th edition of BC Disease News), but equally regularly secures discontinuances for his clients.

Lee is also a member of the Commercial Litigation / Financial Mismanagement team. He handles business energy claims involving complex ‘secret and half secret commission deals’, potential fraud / dishonesty issues, and claims based on dishonest assistance of a breach of fiduciary duty.

Prior to joining BC Legal, Lee supervised a small team of paralegals conducting fast-track EL/PL/RTA claims at international insurance practice, Kennedys LLP.