Reducing clients' indemnity spend

Clients’ work will always be handled by genuine experts applying innovative and cutting edge claims handling strategies.

In all areas of our business we look at how we can reduce clients’ claim spend by:

  • Achieving industry leading repudiation rates which are well above those of traditional and conventional law firms.
  • Identifying those claims appropriate for settlement at the earliest stage at the appropriate value.
  • Eliminating ‘avoidable’ leakage of claims into litigation.
  • Developing risk control data (freely available to clients) and interpreting this on a regular basis to identify trends and issues that may be affecting client spend. We can further work with clients to provide a genuine risk management service at nil cost.
  • Maintaining key management information available to clients in ‘real time’ with intelligent analysis and interpretation of the information.
  • Constant monitoring of developments in the legal, scientific, regulatory or political environments to see how these can be used to provide market advantage to our clients.