Updated Collection of Articles on ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome’

In this article, we re-publish: Aerotoxic Syndrome – An Emerging Risk?     

‘Aerotoxic syndrome’ describes a condition allegedly caused by cumulative exposure to contaminated aircraft cabin air (sourced from jet engine ‘bleed air’ supply) during ‘fume events’.

Our collection of articles has been updated to include items in BC Disease News featured as recently as October 2019.

The publication covers:

  • Symptoms of the as-yet unrecognised medical syndrome;
  • Case studies on the occupational health of pilot and cabin crew;
  • Academic literature (existing and forthcoming) on the potential toxicological causes;
  • Aviation industry knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of a threat to human health;
  • Growing public knowledge and the invocation of conspiracy;
  • Preventative measures taken (or not taken) by airlines; and
  • The current legal position, with group litigation already in motion.

To access our collection of articles on this ever-emerging EL/PL risk, please click here.