State Court Jury Verdict Climbs to $325 Million in Talc-Cancer Trial

In edition 275 of BC Disease News (here), we reported that Johnson & Johnson had been ordered to pay $25 million in compensatory damages to the 10th claimant to successfully argue at trial that a history of prolonged talcum powder application was the cause of their cancer, due to the presence of trace levels of asbestos.[i]

66-year-old, Donna Olson, filed her claim in 2017, after having been diagnosed with terminal pleural mesothelioma in 2016. As part of her treatment, she underwent extrapleural pneumonectomy to remove her diseased lung.[ii]

In his wife’s absence, Mr. Olson testified at the state court that the claimant would ‘always’ apply J&J’s products in a post-showering ‘ritual’:

‘... she would pour it on her hand, apply it to her chest and pour it on her hand and do her underarms’.[iii]

We previously informed our readers that the New York Supreme Court (Manhattan) jury was scheduled to return to court, last week, to assess the appropriate level of punitive damages for putting ‘corporate profits and reputation over the health and safety of consumers’.

Last Friday, the jury handed up a $300 million verdict, comprising $200 million against J&J and $100 million against J&J Consumer Inc. As such, the total damages award in favour of the claimant now stands at $325 million (£250 million).[iv]

In an email statement, J&J spokeswoman, Kimberly Montagnino, acknowledged that the Baby Powder and Shower to Shower manufacturer had ‘suffered significant legal and evidentiary errors which ... will warrant a reversal on appeal ... Of all the verdicts against Johnson & Johnson that have been through the appellate process, every one has been overturned’.[v]

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(Source: Hargreaves Lansdown)


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