Professor Raymond Agius Appointed as IIAC Independent Member

At the start of this year (here), we reported that Professor Kim Burton, Professor John Cherrie, Dr. Valentina Gallo, Dr. Max Henderson, Dr. Samuel (Chris) Stenton and Dr. Ian Lawson had been appointed to the Industrial Injuries Advice Council (IIAC).

The IIAC is an independent scientific body, sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions, which publishes reports that:

  • Recommend updates to the list of prescribed diseases/jobs types which engage Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB) payments;
  • Draft proposals on legislative changes to the IIDB scheme to be presented in Parliament; and
  • Scrutinise draft regulations on the administration of the IIDB scheme.

Where the new independent members and employee representative began serving their respective 5- and 3-year terms from 11 November 2018, on 1 May 2019, a new independent member was appointed for 5 years.[i]

Professor Raymond Agius is a Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Director of the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Manchester Medical School.

Specialising in respiratory and cardiovascular disease, stress and back pain, Council Chair, Dr Lesley Rushton, announced that:

‘Raymond will bring a wealth of expertise to the council due to his extensive research and medical experience’.

His areas of expertise provide some insight into the Council’s future plans.


[i] Industrial Injuries Advisory Council, ‘Appointment to the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council’ (1 May 2019 GOV.UK) <> accessed 1 May 2019.