Just Costs Solicitors Enters into Administration

Last Friday, Manchester-based Just Costs Solicitors entered into administration.[i]

This is the 2nd time that the costs firm has been in this position in the past 18 months, after the assets, files and outstanding work-in-progress (WIP) of Just Costs Limited was acquired by Just Costs Solicitors Limited, in October 2017.[ii] At the time, Managing Director, Paul Shenton, assured interested parties:

‘There will no longer be the burden of substantial historical financial liabilities.’

However, Just Costs Solicitors was one of the named creditors of Roberts Jackson Solicitors, the industrial disease firm which entered into administration in October 2018 and was subsequently purchased by acquisition vehicle, AWH Legal. A creditors’ report, published in November 2018, predicted that Just Costs Solicitors was unlikely to recoup any of the £33,000 owed.

Recently, a sale notice was posted on the website of business rescue and recovery business, Leonard Curtis. The notice sought buyers for an unnamed costs firm, by 11 January 2018.[iii]


It is now believed that this advertisement was promoting Just Costs Solicitors.


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