Bayer’s Quarterly Report Reflects Increasing Glyphosate Claims

In last week’s edition of BC Disease News (here), we reported on Bayer’s strategy for defending Non-Hodgkin lymphoma claims, allegedly caused by the use of glyphosate-containing Roundup herbicide. The pharmaceutical giant has been embroiled in litigation of this type since the business acquired the agrochemical producer of Roundup, Monsanto, in June of 2018.

Up to the end of August 2018, 8,700 glyphosate claims were pending.

This week, Bayer published its report on business performance in the 3rd quarter of 2018.[i]

According to the report, by the end of October 2018, 9,300 lawsuits were pending. The effect of widespread media attention is unknown, but these additional 600 claims, accumulated over a 2-month period, amount to a 7% increase in the total number of claims.

The next glyphosate trial is scheduled to take place in February 2019.

We will continue to provide updates on Bayer’s legal strategy in the meantime.


[i] ‘Bayer: Good performance in a challenging environment, Group outlook confirmed’ (13 November 2018 Bayer) <> accessed 15 November 2018.