Further LASPO Review Delay

In this article, we discuss the progress of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in reviewing the effectiveness of LASPO reforms. The LASPO review, conducted by the MoJ, is set see ‘how LASPO has worked out in practice’ and ‘invite responses on what changes should be made in the future’.

We last reported on the LASPO review in edition 222 of BC Disease News (here), in which we discussed whether the Government would achieve its ‘ambitious’ review deadline. An earlier report, in edition 218 (here), conveyed the aims of the MoJ post-legislative memorandum to complete the review by summer of 2018.

Deputy Director of the MoJ, Matthew Shelley, has said, in ‘an all-party parliamentary group’ meeting, that the review will be complete by the end of the year, despite the fact that the Lord Chancellor has warned against the review slipping into 2019.

Consultative groups will be carried out this week to discuss Civil Justice. It has been said that the ‘second round of meetings’ will take place before the summer recess and third rounds, later in the year.

Mr Shelley, in response to a question posed by Nicola Mackintosh QC, has requested an increase in time for discussion in parliamentary group meetings, cautioning that areas of suggested improvement cannot be effected by ‘simply putting money back into the system and reversing the reforms.’[i]



[i] Monidipa Fouzder, ‘MoJ unable to commit to releasing LASPO report this year’ (18 April 2018 Law Gazette) <https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/moj-unable-to-commit-to-releasing-laspo-report-this-year/5065714.article> accessed 20 April 2018.