Inaccurate Medical Reports?

In this article, provide an account of inaccurate medical reports, which have been produced by medical reporting agencies (MRO). Other legal professionals have been advised to report instances, such as these, to MedCo, with a view to improving the process.

A claimant representative recently suffered a whiplash injury, herself, and has since called upon fellow practitioners to challenge inaccuracies associated with the MedCo process. She warns that procedural irregularities may lead to allegations of dishonesty, on behalf of claimants.

When attending her appointment, she commented that a questionnaire was disseminated just moments before. She described this as too ‘complex’ and stated that information collated would be reflected in an MRO report in any event. It was suggested that the questionnaire should be attached with the appointment letter, allowing ‘sufficient time’ to accurately provide all the relevant information, as opposed to a questionnaire ‘without notice’.

She described the appointment as a ‘cursory examination’ lasting five minutes, which was half of the proposed slot.

The subsequent report, which was produced as a follow up of the appointment, was described as ‘so flawed’, because her age was incorrect.

In her own personal experience, the claimant representative believed that the process had been designed ‘to get clients seen and reports drafted in as short an amount of time as possible’.[i]

Consequently, her ‘solicitor is now tasked with raising these numerous inaccuracies with the medical agency and reporting the matter to MedCo.’[ii]

Recently, it has been debated that MedCo could be extended to cover other types of personal injury. If this is the case, inaccuracies will need to be reduced.


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