SDT Hearing for Former Asons Chief

We previously discussed, in edition 179 (here), that the SRA had closed down Asons on grounds of suspected ‘dishonesty’. Later, in edition 220 (here), we reported that the former Chief of Asons, Kamran Akram, will appear before an upcoming Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) hearing.

Allegations made against Mr Akram, by the SRA, are that he:

  • ‘Caused or permitted the presentation of applications for costs in PI claims which misrepresented the grade of relevant fee-earners so as to increase the level of recoverable costs.
  • Caused or permitted the presentation of claims for special damages which contained particulars that were false in that the event, loss or treatment alleged to have given rise to the special damages claim had not occurred or did not exist.
  • Caused or permitted Asons to act in circumstances giving rise to a conflict of interest.
  • Provided misleading information to the court and/or the SRA in relation to the false and inflated claims.
  • Caused or permitted payments of prohibited referral fees.
  • Failed to run his practice or carry out his role as sole principal, COLP and COFA of Asons effectively.[i]

The 8 day hearing began on 9 April 2018. We will report on the outcome of the hearing when it is handed down.


[i] Max Walters, ‘Former Asons chief appears at SDT’ (9 April 2018 Law Gazette) accessed 9 April 2018