Jackson LJ Retires as 2nd Civil Justice Review Nears Completion

This week, Lord Justice Jackson announced his retirement from the judiciary, ten years after the introduction of the Jackson reforms on costs in litigation.[i] Jackson LJ gave a lecture, on 5 March 2018, two days before his retirement, in which he summarised the impact of his reforms to date (here).

Further to the ‘Supplemental Report on Fixed Recoverable Costs’, which we reported in edition 196 (here), on 21 March 2018, Sweet & Maxwell will publish the 2nd edition of ‘The Reform of Civil Justice’ co-written by Jackson LJ. This will endeavour to promote proper understanding of his reforms.

Jackson’s Supplemental Report recommendations included the introduction of a new ‘intermediate’ track for cases between £25,000 and £100,000 and the extension of fixed costs to all fast track claims.

We will continue to report on any further development once the Lord Chief Justice and Master of the Rolls have finished considering the proposals.


[i] Gordon Exall, ‘SIR RUPERT JACKSON ON THE DAY OF HIS RETIREMENT: A REVIEW OF SOME JUDGMENTS ON PROCEDURE’ (6 March 2018 Civil Litigation Brief) <http://www.civillitigationbrief.com/2018/03/06/sir-rupert-jackson-on-the-day-of-his-retirement-a-review-of-some-judgments-on-procedure/> accessed 8 March 2018.