Claire’s Pulls Glittery Makeup Products Amid Asbestos Allegations

The jewelry and accessories chain Claire’s has pulled a number of its glittery makeup products following allegations that they contain asbestos[i].  The action follows claims by a law firm employee that she had samples of the products tested, and they were found to contain tremolite asbestos.

Claire’s has said that it is hiring an independent laboratory to test the products, and that the initial results found the products to be free of asbestos.  It also confirmed that the ingredients are supplied by a certified asbestos free European vendor.  However, Claire’s are giving refunds to customers who return the products due to concerns about asbestos.

Deaton Law Firm, based in Rhode Island, is the employer of the customer who initiated the testing.  The firm focuses primarily on mass tort asbestos litigation, and says it would considering litigation against Claire’s.  According to CNBC, John Deaton, the founder of Deaton Law, said he would not pursue legal action if Claire’s does the ‘right thing’ by ‘admitting its products are contaminated’, recalling them and ending its relationship with those vendors[ii].

The employee sent the products to the Scientific Analytical Institute, which also conducted tests on products sold by teen retailer Justice earlier this year, similarly finding asbestos to be present.  Justice did its own tests, and found the products to be asbestos-free.

Claire’s has about 430 stores in England and Ireland.


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