Guernsey Minister Seeks to Fast-Track Statutory Mesothelioma Compensation Scheme

In edition 258 of BC Disease News (here), we reported that the Council of Ministers, in the States of Jersey, had unanimously approved Compensation for Mesothelioma Sufferers, a statutory compensation scheme akin to diffuse mesothelioma payments (the ‘2008 Scheme’), in the UK.

The first applications for Diffuse Mesothelioma special payment, in Jersey, could be submitted from 1 October 2019.[i]

Elsewhere, Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of the Education Committee and member of the Employment & Social Security Committee in the States of Guernsey, last year, assured Guernsey residents that they would soon have access to a mirror scheme.

This week, Deputy Fallaize submitted legislative amendments which, if passed, would see the anticipated scheme introduced in Guernsey before 2022.[ii]

Despite voicing his ‘disappointment’ over Guernsey trailing Jersey in this area of social policy, he took consolation over the fact that the scheme could be based on work already undertaken by its neighbouring Channel Island state.

‘… the case for a scheme is so clear and … it could be set up reasonably easily, inexpensively [running costs of around £100,000 per year] and at no detriment to other services’.

Deputy Fallaize contends that the demand for a working scheme is, in fact, stronger in Guernsey than Jersey, as Guernsey delayed regulating asbestos when there was a 'growing body of evidence' of a risk to human health.


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