Darshan Edwards

Darshan Edwards


About Darshan

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Darshan joined BC Legal in January 2015, having previously been an insurance partner at Parabis LLP for seven years. Darshan's career as an insurance lawyer started at Prettys in 1992, at which he became a partner in 2001 before then joining legacy Gaston Whybrew and continuing at Parabis LLP.

Darshan has over 21 years of experience representing and defending insurers, their insureds and self-insured corporate entities against claims. He manages, handles and litigates all types of injury claims, including long and short-tail industrial disease claims arising from exposure to asbestos, noise, vibration and irritants.

Additionally, Darshan has provided training and advice to clients and colleagues on all aspects of risk management. He has a reputation for giving clear and concise advice reflecting both his clients' instructions and the commercial realities of litigation. He utilises his skills of negotiation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution to ensure that the lifetimes of claims and their associated costs are mitigated as much as possible.