NAHL Group Publishes Interim Results for 1st Half of 2018

This week, NAHL Group plc, the listed consumer marketing business, published its Interim Results on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).[i] The Group reported that its underlying operating profit for Q1 and Q2 of 2018 was £6.4 million, 12% down from Q1 and Q2 of 2017 (£7.3 million).[ii]

NAHL Group plc, which owns National Accident Helpline (NAH), the marketing services business, launched 2 joint-venture alternative business structures (ABS) in 2017: Your Law and National Law Partners. In 2019, the Group plans to launch a wholly-owned ABS, which will deal with small claims post-Governmental reform.[iii]

Although its total revenue (£24.9 million) remained static, the Group’s PI revenue increased by 4.3% to £15.5 million, ‘reflecting the consolidation of £1.7 million of ABS revenue’.

NAHL’s fall in operating profit was the result of setting up the forthcoming ‘small claims ready’ ABS. Its interim dividend value also dropped by 3%, following the LSE announcement.


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