Updated Claims Portal MI

The Claims Portal has recently released its latest management information (MI) for March 2018.

In March, 696 disease claims entered the Portal. Of these 696 claims, 325 left it at Stage 1. The majority of these, 268 were because of the time to reply expired. 57 cases were denied or admitted with an allegation of contributory negligence. The following graph shows a 12 month rolling summary of the number of CNFs that left the Portal at Stage 1 in 2017-2018. A 12 month summary takes into consideration the total sum of CNFs for each month, adding them together and then subtracting the last month before adding the next month’s amount to get the overall number for the previous 12 months. This is why the numbers in the graph below do not constantly increase.

Ministry of Justice Portal: EL/Disease Statistics March 2018 – Rolling 12 Month Summary of CNFs Leaving Portal at Stage 1.


The figures include CNFs that have not had a response at the end of Stage 1 – CNFs where liability has not been accepted and CNFs where liability has been accepted with contributory negligence. The figures do not include CNFs that were taken out of the process using the Exit function during Stage 1.

7 claims left the Portal at Stage 2 for reasons other than settlement. 342 were exited from the Portal: amongst these, 34 were duplicate claims and 31 were because of an incomplete claim notification form. 165 claims left the Portal because the claim required further investigation.

Consistent with the trend seen throughout the past four years, March has shown a decreasing number of claims settled through the Portal, registering a low of 44. Meanwhile, 4 additional cases saw court packs completed so the court was able to adjudicate on quantum. Of those claims that have settled through the Portal, the average amount of damages in March 2018 was £4,167, £663 more than the amount recorded in March 2017 (£3,504). In January of this year, when we last reviewed portal figures (here), the average general damages payment was £4,234, £67 more than March 2018 damages. The table below shows the trend in the amount of damages secured from 2015-2018;

Ministry of Justice Portal: EL/Disease Statistics March 2018 – Average General Damages on Settled Claims